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Solar PRO

 Solar PRO Transactions

Solar transactions have a much better chance of happening when the clients' monthly payment roughly equals the monthly expense of paying their utility bill. We can help with that! We offer an economical ProLease structure for general equipment, but now we can finance solar installations as well with even additional reductions to the clients monthly payment. As you probably know, the IRS offers a 30% ITC credit to the owner of new solar installations. We can retain that credit and pass it into the stream of payments as an additional discount. Below are some additional factors that support this opportunity.

*  Terms to 84 months

*  End of term (i.e. The greater of FMV or 20% for transactions up to $500,000.00 and 15% for transactions over $500,000.00 whichever is greater). The FMV equipment sales option will be based on wholesale pricing at the end of the term)

*  Sample lease factor of (.01112) which equates to a negative interest stream rate of1.95%, because of the special tax credits (custom quotes required)

*  Sample payment ($150,000.00 / $1,668.00 per month)

*  Quality client and vendor approval required


If you have a client where this low payment structure suits their needs, please contact us for our link to our Solar Rate Sheets and our sample document package.


For more information about our Solar PRO Program, just click on the links below. 


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