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We hope the applications and information on this site will help you choose Leasource for your next equipment transcation, be it Municipal, Federal or Commercial. If you have questions about any of our applications or documents, please feel free to call us at 800-991-0099.


Municipal Finance Documents

Municipal Lease Application

Why Pursue Municipal Lease Business?

How to find Municipal Opportunities?

What is the meaning of "Tax Exempt"?

Municipal Lease Vs. Bond Comparison

Municipal Finance Brochure

Benefits of Municipal Finance

Master Lease Financing

Project Financing

Brief Course in Public Financing


Federal Finance Documents

 Federal Lease Application

 Leasing to the Federal Government

 Things your Mother never told you

 Federal Lease Procedures


Business Finance Documents

Commercial Lease Application

Tax Benefits of Capital Lease

Getting Started is Easy

They Know the (Credit) Score

Personal Financial Statement

Vendor Information Form


Misc Documents

 Capital Lease Transaction Requirement Sheet

 Solar Transaction Requirement Sheet

 2016 Lease Transactions

 2016 Solar Transactions

 App Only & Eligible Equipment

 Equipment types we support

 Broker Review Application

IRS Definition of a Lease